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No more hectic switching between apps and relying on multiple sources. Everything you’d need to meet your clients’ needs is now a single click away Party

Zendo on iPad
All Communication In One Place
Easy File Sharing & Management
Client Profile & Personal Space
In-App Payments & Invoicing

All Your Client-Related Details

Right There, On The Spot.

Client Profile

Sending the same files over and over again? Digging through emails to find proof of past arrangements? To bring an end to those headaches, we introduce a client’s profile: all the files, messages, notes and activities are stored in one, easily-accessible space.

Familiar Interface

Hate to learn how to use yet another app? With more and more people switching to remote work, it’s essential for us to build an intuitive, user-friendly interface you won’t be afraid of.

File Management

Tired of clients losing important files you’ve sent them a 1,000 times already? Happens to the best of us. With Zendo, you’ll store all the shared files inside a specific task. They’ll stay there for quick access & version control for files with the same name.

Detailed Yet Simple

Confused by the amount of data displayed at once? Zendo showcases the most relevant details precisely when you need them - nothing more. You can view client requests & details, add tags & files, browse through history, & much more - all without leaving the conversation panel.

Activity History

Don’t have the time or the nerves to investigate five years worth of emails to pin down a specific action? With Activity History feature, you’ll be able to recognize all these moments at a glance.

Payments & Invocing

Struggling with high churn rate right before proceeding to payment gate? Zendo enables in-app payments for maximum efficiency, and automatic invoicing (we know you hate this part).

...and Much More

Overwhelmed yet? We know it’s a lot already... but there’s so much more to show you! Subscribe and participate in creating Zendo!

Client Requests,

Visible at a Glance.

Zendo Project #4
Quick Peek

Clients requests showcased as they should - easy to read at a glance. Quick Peek allows you to browse through multiple requests and answer them without going into unnecessary details.

Detailed Look

Made for users who need advance filtering and want to view multiple fields at once. This feature lets you adjust the panel to your liking.

Custom Views

Super-peculiar about the way you view & filter your tasks? Custom views let you organize precisely as you like it. Perfect for parameter-abusing data geeks (don’t feel bad, we’re the same way We are the same)!

See How It Works

Simple Yet Powerful.

Receive Requests

Get requests either by generating dedicated email or by creating a custom form in our builder.

Organize tasks into views with advance filtering & custom fields.

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Discuss, Share, Connect

Use Zendo’s built-in communication system to sort out all the details of your client’s requests.

We’ve included all the basic chat features & much more to make your life easier!

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Send a Quote

Our integral quote system allows you to send a proposal without even leaving the conversation. Likewise, clients can instantly approve the quote and pay instantly.

You can create a custom trigger for issuing an invoice and updating the task status after payment.

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Upon delivering your service, you can still contact your client to ask them for approval and give them time to review your work.

Done and done? Follow up with a discount code or a proposal for more services you think your client will love.

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Lower Churn Rate
Peace Of Mind
Increased Conversion
Happy & Loyal Clients
Competitive Edge
Effortless Upselling
More Time & More Money
Fewer Communication Mistakes
One Source of Truth
Easy Scalability

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Do you provide custom online services or gather information needed for orders of physical goods?

Are you tired of important conversations scatered across multiple emails, threads, or communication platforms?

Do you want your clients to have just one, dedicated space for files, orders, and any other information you’ve shared with them?

Do you need more than a ticketing system or a CRM?

Do you have a hard time tracking the status of every single request you’ve received?

Do you have more than one teammate working on the same request for a single client?

Is creating custom proposals every time a client asks for a quote driving you mad?

Would you like for your clients to always be up to date with the progress of service, without having to notify them yourself?

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